FASD Resources

Alcohol and pregnancy : Find help

These various resources will answer your questions and meet your different needs.

For pregnant women


A Quebec-wide toll-free number that offers a listening ear, guidance and support to expectant mothers and their loved…

For people aged 20 and under


Accurate information, an listening ear and a non-judgmental space for young people aged 20 and under.…

To reduce or stop alcohol consumption during pregnancy

Provincial Directory of Addiction Resources

List of organizations providing treatment and housing services for people living with a substance use disorder.…

Le Rond-Point

Services aux femmes enceintes, aux enfants de 0-5 ans et leurs parents qui vivent avec un trouble de consommation d’a…

811 – Info-social line

Phone line providing a free and confidential consultation service.

Portage – Mother and Child Program

A substance use disorder rehabilitation program in Montreal for pregnant women and mothers of young children.…

Drugs, help and referral

Phone line and chat providing support, information and referrals about use of alcohol, drug and medication.…

Trouve ton centre.com

Tools to find resources offering services related to alcohol, drug and medication use.

For people with FASD and their families

Safera – Fetal alcohol support

Organization offering support to people living with FASD and their families.