Rapport de la campagne de sensibilisation 2021

2021 – Post-Campaign Report

Survey of women aged 14-39.

Here is the report presenting data from the post-campaign survey following the two major broadcasts (spring and fall 2021) of the During pregnancy, go alcohol free awareness campaign.

Report Highlights

Alcohol consumption varies according to age

One in 10 (11%) women aged 14 to 25 consume alcohol several times a week. This proportion increases with age and stands at 15% for women aged 18 to 25, compared to 3% for those aged 14 to 17. Note that half (52%) of young women aged 14 to 17 do not consume alcohol.

The majority of women are aware of the importance of reducing alcohol consumption during pregnancy

The majority of respondents indicate that either intend to stop consuming alcohol (78%) during pregnancy or already do not consume alcohol (16%). Fewer than one in twenty women (4%) mention that they will maintain their consumption level (3%) or reduce it (2%). The most common reason invoked for not stopping completely is that they already consume very little or rarely.

Fewer than one in five women (15%) report that they have been offered alcohol during their pregnancy. Nevertheless, the majority (76%) considers that it was easy for them not to drink during their pregnancy, mainly because they already drink rarely or never (69%) and they are aware of the dangers of alcohol on their baby’s health (22%).

Alcohol consumption is perceived as a risk by the vast majority of respondents

Almost all of the respondents (94%) consider that alcohol consumption during pregnancy represents a high (40%) or very high (54%) risk for the fetus.

The perception of risk varies depending on the type and quantity of alcohol. Indeed, stronger alcohols are considered more dangerous than beer. Almost all of the respondents (92% or more) find that consuming alcohol weekly or more often during pregnancy is unsafe or very unsafe. However, they are more tolerant when consumption is only 2 or 3 times during pregnancy.

Women are aware of the negative effects

The vast majority of women know that drinking alcohol during pregnancy can have several consequences for the child and have already heard of the risks associated with this type of consumption. On the other hand, a smaller proportion had previously seen information on this subject or discussed it with someone.

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