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Drugs, help and referral

Requests for assistance: 514 527-2626 or 1 800 265-2626Drugs: help and referral offers support, information and refe…

Trouve ton centre.com

Created jointly by the Quebec Association of Addiction Intervention Centers and by Drogue, Aide et Référence, this we…


A confidential space available by text or phone for people aged 20 and under looking for reliable information, a listen…

Le Rond-Point

Le Rond-Point offers health and psychosocial services in one place for pregnant women, young children aged 0-5 and the…

Portage – Mother and Child Program

Portage’s Mother and Child Program is a residential drug addiction rehabilitation program for pregnant women and mot…

Provincial Directory of Addiction Resources

Provincial Directory of Addiction Resources, produced by the Ministry of Health and Social ServicesPublic resource…


A Quebec-wide toll-free number that offers a listening ear, guidance and support to expectant mothers and their loved…

Safera – Fetal alcohol support

SafEra is a Quebec organization that offers support to people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and their fa…

Other Resources

Le projet Pour Théo, Stéfanie, Alice et Félix

Website that offers different guides and tools for the benefits of people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)…

ASPQ Publications

Consult the news from the ASPQ on various subjects including FASD.

Info-Social 811

Consultation service with a psychosocial worker. It Is free, confidential and accessible 24/7.

Natural or flavored water recipes

There are many recipes for flavored waters with fruits, vegetables or herbs. Check out the Thirst for Health/Home sect…
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Understanding FASD and its impact on life is essential

The more our society is aware of the impacts of alcohol use during pregnancy and FASD, the easier it will be to support expectant mothers in abstaining from alcohol during this stage of their lives as well as support people with FASD and their families.

Contribute to this movement by sharing information with your friends and family!

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